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Morocco Expeditions

Adventure Self Drive

Algarve Jipe Safari founder fell in love with Morocco in 2003, when he went there for the first time with a group of friends. After that he has been back on a regular basis with groups of people who had never visited Morocco. Everyone, without exception, came back delighted and willing to return as soon as possible.


Why? Because Morocco, being so close to Portugal, has a completely different culture, an immense landscape diversity, a great adventure component besides the companionship and friendship you may raise in this kind of expeditions.


An example of the passion that Morocco causes its visitors is a 60 years old couple that after a first trip with us, went on visiting Morocco twice a year, staying there for quite a while.


Due to this passion, when Algarve Jipe Safari was created to organize off-road rides in the Algarve in which customers drive our jeeps, we thought we could extend this travelling way to Morocco.

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