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Expedition About 4500 Km

1st Day, Portimão – Tanger


After fulfilling all formalities concerning the vehicles and stowing the luggage, we’ll leave Portimão by motorway towards Algeciras where we’ll take the ferry-boat and arrive at the African continent with the first surprises. Although we are just a few minutes from Europe, there are so many different things, the people, the smells, the traffic, in short, we are in Africa! In order to get used to it, we’ll sleep at the Ibis Hotel in Tangier.


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2nd Day, Tanger – Beni-Mellal


We’ll leave Tangier as early as possible, bearing in mind that the days are shorter at this time of the year so we must make the most of sunlight.


On this day we’ll take a brief tour at Asilah, Rabat and Casablanca to get an insight of the main Moroccan cities, without spending much time on them.In the evening, we’ll arrive at Beni-Mellal to spend the night.



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3rd Day, Beni-Mellal - Marrakech


The day starts with a visit to the local market to get a first idea of the inner Morocco and then we’ll drive towards our next stop: the Ouzoud Waterfalls.


For those who think Morocco is just a dusty country where one can only see camels and sand, they’ll be very surprised! The sand is there indeed but only in certain areas, as the desert is mostly stony. However, this country big surprise is the landscape diversity we can find and these beautiful waterfalls are a remarkable good example.


After a guided tour where we’ll be overwhelmed by this wonder of nature, we’ll continue our tour on the way to Marrakech admiring the snowy landscapes at the top of the Atlas. At the end of the day we’ll arrive at the Oudaya Hotel where we’ll stay for the night. Dinner will be served at the old city's main square Jemaa El Fna.

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4th Day, Marrakech - Essaouira


The morning of this day is free to do some shopping as well as visiting the city and its Medina. Jemaa El Fna, that on the previous night was full of "restaurants", animation and people, won’t look the same...


After lunch we’ll be on our way to Essaouira, a very pleasant and small coastal town, reminding us Porto Covo with Pessegueiro island and a lot of Portuguese history. The afternoon and the evening will be spent visiting this charming town where we’ll spend the night.

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5th Day, Essaouira – Fort Bou-Jerif


The road to Agadir has a very beautiful view reminding us Cabo da Roca and we’ll have the sea as traveling companion. Agadir, as Rabat and Casablanca, is a modern city, with a lot of tourism, hotels and resorts. After a brief visit, we’ll drive to our destination, Fort Bou Jerif, where we’ll spend the night but before we’ll pass through Guelmim.


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6th Day, Fort Bou-Jerif - Tata


This day will certainly be remembered by everyone who has the possibility to do this expedition. It will probably be one of the strongest days in terms of emotions. Depending on the tide, we can travel 40 or 80 km through the White Beach, a must-see for a first experience in Morocco!In previous expeditions we’ve heard several comments: Thank you for bringing us here, these 40 km of beach made it worth it to come to Morocco!


It’s an amazing feeling to be able to move so close to the water, with the seagulls at the distance and the beach as far as the eye can see...!After feeling all these emotions, we’ll drive to Tata to spend the night.

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7th Day, Tata – Chegágá


The famous Lake Iriki will be gone through today. The images we used to see in the Dakar Rally in which the cars fly on an immense plain leaving behind a long column of dust, will be revived this day. We’ll feel real pilots, but despite being possible high speeds in this lake flat and usually dry, caution advises not to do what we feel like. Sometimes, without realizing, a small slope can appear which may cause a serious skidding off the road.


A little further on we come in sight of the beautiful dunes of the dune system of Chegaga, where we’ll sleep at a Bivouac. To get there we have to go through many sand trails that require some concentration, however there is no doubt that sand driving is always fun and spectacular!


After a typical Moroccan dinner, a Tajine joined by local music and the usual tea, we’ll sleep in camp tents where we will have stars and the silence of the desert as company!!

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8th Day, Chegágá – Erg Chebbi


This day’s journey will be “the hardest” throughout the expedition, so we’ll have to get up very early. It’ll be a whole day in the desert with just a small stop for the vehicles refueling.


The adventure component will be very present on this day. We’ll feel very small before such a magnificent landscape around us where there is nothing but desert. The sensations are beyond description! The ground, sometimes hard and stony, sometimes sandy, was used several times in the Dakar Rally making its mark in lots of pilots... unforgettable!


At the end of the day we’ll arrive at the Erg Chebbi. If there is still natural light, the image of that immense sand Erg will be a long lasting memory. If it has already darkned, the next day will do it. After such an exhausting day, we’ll be very well settled at the Yasmina Hotel, which has one of the best views to the dunes, as it is located on the top of a hills!

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9th Day, Erg Chebbi – Erg Chebbi


This day should start very early for those who want to enjoy an unforgettable desert sunrise on the top of the dunes. You can do it on a camel’s back or on foot. The rest of the day will be spent driving on sand, whether climbing the dunes, skirting around the Erg or visiting the small village of Merzouga. A lot of driving, adrenalin, bogging, fears, in short, it’ll happen a little bit of everything, but this day will be a long lasting memory as one of the most spectacular and no doubt to be repeated!

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Off road tours

10 th Day, Erg Chebbi - Fez


The day begins soon again. Off-road tracks ended and we’ll have many miles of tar road ahead, however we’ll continue being surprised at every corner: first the beautiful gorges of the Ziz, followed by the crossing of the Atlas perhaps with some snow, after the Atlas Cedar Forest, home to the endangered Barbary apes in Azrou and then Ifrane, the Moroccan Switzerland.


At the end of the day we’ll arrive to the city of Fez where we’ll spend the night at the Hotel Ibis.

4x4 tours
4x4 tours

11th Day, Fez - Tânger


The day begins with a visit to the Medina of Fez, a Unesco world heritage site. Not only its bustle and the narrow winding alleys will remain in everyone's memory, but also the smell while visiting the tanneries...


Then we’ll head North, passing by Meknés, the ruins of Volubilis, another world heritage site, and Moulay Idriss before arriving at Tangier where we’ll sleep at the Ibis Hotel

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12th Day, Tânger – Portimão


After fulfilling all port formalities in Morocco, we’ll take the Ferry to return to the European continent. The general feeling will sure be nostalgic, missing already all the experiences you’ve lived, sceneries and landscapes you’ve seen and new friendships you’ve made!


We’ll arrive at Portimão mid-afternoon on Saturday, the 23rd. Those who don’t live in the Algarve can still return home on this day.


The main problem of a trip to Morocco is the wish to go back there as soon as possible. This is exactly what happened to everyone who joined us on this expedition!!

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